About us

PEC is a multi-disciplined engineering company. We are specialized in electro-mechanical contracting, installation and maintenance services to residential, commercial and industrial customers.
Our aim is to provide our customers with the necessary expertise to identify their current and future needs, to follow up the project from conception to completion by our efficient team of qualified and experienced engineers in charge of supervising the work of our technical staff and to ensure high quality services at competitive prices.
PEC is specialized in designing, supplying, executing and maintaining all kind of Swimming Pools, Jacuzzis, Saunas, Steam Rooms, Fountains and Waterfalls, Potable, Domestic and Industrial Water Treatment Stations, Waste and Sewage Plants.
We are proud to provide our clients with our expertise in planning, budgeting and scheduling of projects that are designed to improve the quality of life. Our careful project implementation and quality assurance guaranties your project will be not only long-lasting but at minimal maintenance costs.
We take pride in our work and our commitment to excellence.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools are an escape from the summer heat or winter cold; there is nothing more enjoyable than a dip into a deep blue swimming pool with crystal clear water.
Furthermore, swimming is an excellent physical workout; it helps burn calories, improves your circulatory system and keeps your body young and fit.
Whether you want a residential or a professional swimming pool, PEC can help you move in the right direction to make sure you build not only the "perfect" pool, but also the "right" pool for your needs.
Moreover, we can provide you with a prefabricated swimming pool that will meet your budget while allowing for minimal installation work and time.


Just having a soak in a Jacuzzi has many benefits. It provides the ultimate sensory experience as well as a mean to relax your body and mind.
Hydrotherapy promotes a feeling of well being through the circulation of warm water and the massaging action of the bubbles. It even helps you forget the stress and pain in the neck, shoulders, feet and back. You can relax and sleep better. It not only relaxes your body but gives you the extra energy that you need for the next day.


Saunas have been known throughout history to help relax and improve one's overall health, and promote well being.
According to many health professionals, sauna benefits include:
- A strengthened immune system
- Improved blood circulation
- Enhanced detoxification processes
- Deep skin cleansing and rejuvenation
- Tension and stress relief
- Helps you lose weight
It is nowadays an affordable and enjoyable addition to your home and will help increase its value while increasing your quality of life.

Steam Room

Most people associate steam room with relaxation or skin look-and-feel improvements. While this is certainly true, a steam room provides much more benefits, it aids in detoxification by creating an artificial fever. It speeds up circulation and body cell metabolism thereby causing toxic wastes to be expelled through the skin, it helps clean and improve the respiratory system and to list a few more benefits:

  • Relief from muscle tension and stiff joints.
  • Boosting the immune system.
  • Lymph detoxification.
  • Blood circulation improvement.
  • Sinus congestion relief.

A steam room is also an excellent escape from today’s hectic life style, it provides a place where family members or friends can share precious relaxing moments.

Foutains & Waterfalls


These highly decorative items will add a new dimension to your garden or to your reception hall.

Moreover, a fountain will bring a soothing effect as only running water can.

Water Treatment

Water quality is a prime concern worldwide. Hard water and contaminants have an adverse effect on our health, our equipment and machinery as well as on water pipes and drainage in homes and factories. Hard and salty water causes rapid corrosion of pipes as well as scale formation. This leads to expensive repairs and damages to your property.
Our range of water treatment systems provide the needed solutions for your current situation and are easily expandable to provide for future needs.
PEC provides a full range of water treatment systems that will result in SAFE, PURE and CLEAN water. It includes: Clarification and Disinfection, Filtration, Softening and Deionization, Chemical Treatment and Reserve Osmosis - Desalination.
Call us for a free check up of your water, it will surely help you avoid future problems.

Sewage Treatment

Sewage treatment is nowadays a necessity as the need for preserving a clean and healthy environment can never be overstated.
Sewage treatment is the process that removes the majority of the contaminants from wastewater or sewage and produces a liquid effluent suitable for disposal into the natural environment and sludge that can be further treated and disposed of.




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